August 11, 2022

Even frugal Scots would call this island a bargain.

The Isle of Vaila, located on the Shetland Islands archipelago, is on the market for a modest $2.1 million.

The secluded property, which sits on 757 acres, includes a 17th-century mansion house, about 6.5 miles of coastline and a bell tower that dates back to 1894.

Owners Richard Rowland and Dorota Rychlik are selling it after three decades of ownership.

The initial price tag for the Isle of Vaila was $300,000 in 2020.
Vladi Private Islands

“We’ve had 30 fantastic years here, and we’re getting on in years now, so I think the time has come for someone else to take on the place,” Rowland told Shetland News.

Back in 2020, The Post reported that the island’s price tag was a mere $300,000.

But with housing costs soaring — and New York City rents surging after the pandemic — the increase seems justifiable.

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