August 11, 2022

The little Ukrainian girl who went viral for belting out Idina Menzel’s signature song “Let it Go” to terrified classmates inside a bomb shelter in Kyiv has reportedly made it safely to Poland.

Amelia Anisovych, 7, attracted worldwide attention when she was captured singing the tune from Menzel’s 2013 animated Disney film “Frozen” amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

After spending six days in the bunker, the brave girl and her 15-year-old brother went on a two-day trek to Poland with their grandmother as their parents stayed behind to cook for the forces defending the embattled capital, The US Sun reported.

“I always knew Amelia was very talented and a sweet angel and now the whole world knows the same,” Amelia’s mom Lilia, 39, told the news outlet.

“But it is a tragedy that she is only a star because of so much death and destruction. Amelia’s video showed the conditions that children had to suffer because of (Russian leader Vladimir) Putin,” she said.

“We were down there for a whole week with not enough food. To go to the toilet we had to run upstairs as his missiles were flying overhead,” the mother continued.

“The children were terrified. But the video shows the world is united and stands with us and that gives us hope,” she added.

Lilia recounted how she and her husband, Roman, 36, took shelter in the bunker with Amelia and their son, Misha.

“She was chatting to a woman and explained she liked to sing so this lady encouraged her,” she told The US Sun. “She asked my permission to film her and of course I said yes. Even babies stopped crying while she sang.”

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The mother said she “was so sad to wave goodbye to my children but it was the best thing to do to make sure they are safe.

Amelia’s parents Lilia and Roman stayed behind in Kyiv to cook for the forces defending the capital.
Family Handout
Firefighters try to extinguish a fire after a chemical warehouse was hit by Russian shelling on the eastern frontline near Kalynivka village on March 08, 2022, in Kyiv,
Firefighters try to extinguish a fire after a chemical warehouse was hit by Russian shelling on the eastern frontline near Kalynivka village Monday in Kyiv.
Chris McGrath/Getty Images
apartment destroyed after shelling Kyiv
Kyiv has come under intense shelling with some buildings damaged badly.
SERGEY BOBOK/AFP via Getty Images

“I think Kyiv will stand and we will win. But at what price? How many children must die?” she said.

“Children should be free to play and be happy and sing songs from ‘Frozen’ — but Putin has made it so they are cowering in terror in underground bunkers,” Lilia added.

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Menzel reacted to Amelia’s rendition of her song by writing on Twitter:  “We see you. We really, really see you.”

The Tony-winning “Wicked” singer-actress added emojis of blue and yellow hearts that embody the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Ukraine map
Civilians have reportedly been unable to evacuate cities like Mariupol to get to safety.