August 17, 2022

Migraine sufferers know the physical and emotional pain of a horrible headache. Not only is it agonizing to go through, it also means you have to cancel plans, work, or miss out on whatever was on your schedule that day. It’s nearly impossible to go on with your day when a migraine strikes.

Whether your gnarly headaches or migraines are triggered by allergens, the weather, bright light, or another nefarious culprit, The Headache Hat® Wearable Cooling Therapy can help. You can snag one of these top-rated headache helpers in the standard size for $34.99 or two for $71.99, or get one of the X-Large size for $39.99 or two for $71.99.

Next time you feel a bad headache or migraine coming on, grab The Headache Hat® and get instant relief. This hat is a wearable, cooling therapy for head pain in a patented lightweight and flexible wrap design, utilizing real ice that can provide cold relief without the water melting all over your forehead.

Curious how it works? The real ice cubes are coated in a thin plastic layer and covered in a flexible cotton polyester blend to allow for long-lasting use. There are 24 ready to go, with three rows of eight a piece, that can be moved and wrapped around the head right out of the freezer. The wrap design looks like you’re wearing a hat as you enjoy the cool relief, but it can also be pulled down over the eyes, worn from back to front, placed around your neck, or left open if you prefer to lay down on it.

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With an impressive 4.6 stars on Amazon from over 4,300 reviews, the Headache Hat® has amassed a legion of fans and fabulous reviews. Tim shared, I have chronic migraines and this hat works wonders on my head when I get them. It’s nice and flexible and places the cold just where I need it. With the relief it gives, I’m able to continue working (telework) even when I have a severe migraine.” And Peter raved, “This thing is an absolute life saver for my occasional migraines. I wear it over my eyes and it feels so amazing. I just lay in bed and listen to music and drift off to sleep.”

New York Post

Don’t let migraines ruin your day. The Headache Hat® Wearable Cooling Therapy can help, get one standard size for $34.99 or two for $71.99, or get one of the X-Large size for $39.99 or two for $71.99.

Prices subject to change.