August 17, 2022

Microsoft Office has some of the most popular apps in the world, but not everyone is getting the same performance out of them. Becoming an expert in MS Office means giving yourself time to experiment and a way to break out of your comfort zone. If you want both of those, then a lifetime license with MS Office might be the perfect fit for you. During our Memorial Day Sale, the price just dropped on these bundles that also feature courses to help you become an expert at each program. That means you can get MS Office for life for Windows or Mac for $69.99 each, but the sale ends May 31st! 

Each bundle comes with the six core MS Office Programs you’ve likely seen or used before. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote are all included in both packages. Don’t forget, you’ll also get courses that can teach you to become an advanced user! You may have used Excel before, but you might want help if you’re going to move beyond simple spreadsheets and start making macros or pivot tables. That’s the kind of expert instruction you’d get in Microsoft Excel: Data Analysis with Pivot Tables, and you that level of instruction for each app included. 

New York Post

The main difference between apps for Windows or Mac computers is how many you get. For Windows, you also get Publisher and Access thrown in (along with corresponding instructional courses). In the same way Microsoft Word 365 course takes you from the basics to advanced skills, the courses for Access and Publisher will show you the ropes on two of MS Office’s most exciting apps. With Publisher, you can make refined-looking printables and data sheets. With Access, you can organize and analyze the data that goes into those printables. For complex programs like these, it helps that, according to one user, “The training materials are very good and easy to follow.”

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Become the office Office guru. During our Memorial Day Sale, you can get The Premium Microsoft Office Training Bundle + Lifetime License of MS Office Home & Business for Mac 2021 and The Premium Microsoft Office Training Bundle + Lifetime License of MS Office Professional for Windows 2021 for $69.99 each! 

Prices subject to change.