September 27, 2022

There’s something quite fishy about this optical illusion.

In this aquatic-themed puzzle, there is a hidden object hidden within the image of what appears to be a tropical fish.

The illusion is part of a series done by artist Johannes Stötter, known for his elaborate body painting work.

The self-styled “bodypaint shaman” is also known for using animals as a majority of his painted subjects.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

The fish is actually a model who has her face covered by her arm!
Johannes Stötter

As hinted above, the below image actually depicts a color fish that was painted onto a human body.

A YouTube video posted by the artist shows how he was able to make the model appear as the aquatic animal.

If you’re struggling to identify the human in the photo, Stötter advises you to look at the image sideways. The model is sitting with her knees against her chest and her left arm wrapped around head simulating the fish head.

Stötter has several other body art-based illusions featuring animals, such as an owl, parrot, butterfly, turtle and — his most renowned work — frog. The 2013 viral artwork required five models to perform.

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