August 15, 2022

If we’re being honest, having to refill those dollar-store plastic ice trays — or forgetting to transport them to your freezer to begin with — is just as inconvenient as “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” being taken off Netflix.

Oh yes, it’s still a sore subject.

We’re here to make your life just a bit easier, when it comes to ice-cold beverages. With one of the best ice makers and machines you can easily pick up at Amazon and Target (among other places), you can have a nice cold batch of ice ready at your fingertips to serve up refreshing beverages.

Whether you’re searching for a shiny new ice maker for entertaining with your new patio furniture as the warmer months approach or are simply looking for a convenience-bearing essential, we rounded up the 15 best ice makers and machines for every budget and purpose — including countertop, built-in and portable.


As Amazon’s No. 1 bestselling ice maker, Silonn’s Countertop model is an affordable, less-than-$100 option that comes in black, white, red and teal. It’s also self-cleaning, makes 26 pounds of ice in 12 hours and includes a scoop and basket.

Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker, black

With a similar design, Euhomy’s Countertop Ice Maker makees those refreshing, chewable ice cubes we love and crave. It also has a 26-pound capacity, comes in a variety of colors and is a low-noise, easy-to-clean option.

Frigidaire Compact Countertop Ice Maker, stainless

If you’re a fan of all things stainless, Frigidaire’s Compact Countertop Ice Maker is the one for you. While it’s similar to others for its 26-pound capacity, we like this one for its see-through window that makes scooping extra convenient.

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GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank, silver

The star of the show is undoubtedly GE’s Profile Nugget Ice Maker. Clad with a side tank and the ability to make those chewable ice cubes, this model has built-in Bluetooth connectivity to schedule when you’d like your ice to be crushed — which is a tall order, but this machine gets it done.

AGLucky Countertop Ice Maker, red

This efficient ice maker from AGLucky is easy to operate and available in this stunning bold red, along with traditional black and white. Equipped with a cooling system, this on-sale model ensures it’ll operate at a low noise. It even has two cube options to select.

Frigidaire Countertop Chewy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker, black

As its name suggests, the elegantly designed Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker makes chewy ice for your beverage in a matter of minutes (15, to be exact). It’s also portable, produces a whopping 44 pounds of ice daily and is automatic; as ice melts, water returns to the reservoir where it will make more ice.

Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine, silver

Meet the ice maker that’s reminiscent of a water cooler. Euhomy’s Countertop Machine is a durable staple apt for producing 24 ice cubes per cycle (which has a runtime of 12 to 18 minutes) and dispensing up to 3.2 liters of water. It’s your all-in-one hub for a refreshing drink when you need one.

Gevi Countertop Nugget Ice Maker, silver and blue

Similar to GE, Gevi’s Countertop Nugget Ice Maker has a self-explanatory panel to select how much ice you’d like crushed, without compromising a clunky design. Its sleek, modern model also includes a water reservoir so you won’t run out of ice quickly.

EdgeStar 15" Built-In Ice Maker, black

EdgeStar’s model is the poster appliance for built-in ice makers. Though a lofty price, its 15″ storage is a splurge-worthy investment for your garage, basement bar or backyard. Not to mention, it makes 25 pounds of ice daily and can store 20 pounds of pre-crushed ice.

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Igloo Automatic Self-Cleaning Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker, teal

How adorable is Igloo’s Automatic Self-Cleaning Ice Maker? It’s electric and portable, so perfect for the warmer months, and its carry handle and five-cycle cleaning function makes it one of the most versatile machines we found.

Magic Chef Portable Countertop Ice Maker, silver

Magic Chef’s Portable Countertop Ice Maker is perfect for your at-home bar and offers a generous capacity of 27 pounds. It also comes in black and white, has an included scoop and has an exterior drain and see-through window for convenience.

Great Northern Commercial Shaved Ice Machine, royal blue

Rein in the retro feel with Great Northern’s Commercial Shaved Ice Machine. It has the look and functionality of your favorite popcorn maker, featuring brass and stainless steel finishes. Plus, it shaves six pounds of ice every minute (more than 350 pounds in an hour)!

NutriChef Ice Maker and Dispenser, silver

Meet NutriChef, the Nespresso of ice makers and one that’s worth your counter’s real estate. This model offers the convenience of a commercial ice maker without the noise, also making up to 33 pounds of ice that’s ideal for parties and entertaining.

GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker with WiFi, silver
Williams Sonoma

We thought the traditional GE Nugget was cool, until we stumbled upon GE’s revved-up model with WiFi. Connect it to the SmartHQ app to monitor your device’s status and schedule fresh ice with your friends Alexa and Google. Plus, the side water tank and LED screen make it fitting to complete your smart home.

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Ice Maker, copper

To match your copper bar essentials, Frigidaire has the perfect Stainless Steel Ice Maker for you. Just shy of $110, it features a digital LED control panel, two ice-crushing sizes and an included ice shovel.

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