August 17, 2022

There’s a reason Apple‘s AirPods have a cult following! These handy Bluetooth earbuds make life more convenient, helping you do a wide range of things — from staying connected to friends and family to listening to music and entertaining yourself anytime, anywhere.

And while AirPods can keep you on the pulse of everything important, they have one major drawback: They’re very pricey. If you want to take good care of your investment, the AirPod Cleaning Pen can help keep them in excellent condition. Right now, this tool is available for 40% off the usual price. So keep your AirPods clean for just $15 for a limited time.

Did you know that your electronics are probably dirtier than your toilet bowl? Cleaning them regularly not only keeps them running properly but can also eliminate threats hidden right under your nose. This AirPods Cleaning Pen can help keep your AirPods in tip-top shape and keep you grooving for years to come.

It comes with three different tools to tend to various parts of your AirPods. One side is fitted with a metal tip that helps you get to the small details and holes in the earplug portion. The other side includes a soft-light flocking sponge that can help you clean off pesky stains or dirt that might accumulate on either the AirPods themselves or their charging case.

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Aside from two sides with much-needed cleaning tools, there is also a fine bristle brush in the middle, which serves as the perfect way to clean out the soundhole and other delicate parts you may have previously had difficulty reaching. And although the pen is designed for cleaning AirPods, it also serves as a great way to tidy your other electronics, from other earbuds and cell phones to tablets and small laptops.

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Make sure you keep your AirPods (and other electronics!) clean with the AirPod Cleaning Pen, available now for $15.

Prices subject to change.