August 17, 2022

Whether you’re a golfing prodigy or brand new to the sport, being able to play from home with your real-life swing is a game changer. The TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator makes it happen, allowing you to get realistic golf training done from anywhere. And you can get some practice in before you hit the green this spring and summer with the best online sale price available here, 25% off at $299, for a limited time.

Let the TruGolf Mini give you a new approach to golf. Equipped with state-of-the-art hardware, this interactive swing studio analyzes and displays the data of your swing after every shot with E6 CONNECT software. This means golfers of any skill level can benefit from the game, as they’re able to learn new information about their specific swing and gain knowledge with every shot taken as the TruGolf Mini sensor gathers valuable data.

Want to know what kind of info you’ll learn? The TruGolf Mini sensor captures four critical swing details as you play — it checks the club face angle, the angle of attack, the swing tempo and the club path. This weighted swing trainer has a CLICK to create an authentic impact sensation as you play, and challenges and exercises to help build your skills as you go. And there are 97 world-famous golf courses and mini-games to choose from, making it fun to perfect your swing.

Users are loving the TruGolf Mini. Philip raved, “Great item for any level golfer. Fun and easy to use… Overall a great way to get some swings in and have some fun either alone or even online with others.”

Take advantage of the best online price on the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator and score it for 25% at $299 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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