February 5, 2023

Chances are, even if you’ve never applied teeth whitening strips, someone you know and love — your mother, your brother, your roommate, your spouse, your neighbor, or your mailman — has.

That’s because teeth whitening isn’t just for A-listers and dealership owners anymore: it’s for the people. Thanks to brands like Crest, whitening your teeth at home has never been cheaper, easier, or more effective.

In fact, there are so many options on the market now it can be challenging to choose which whitening option is right for you: a 2-step plan, a 1-step plan, or strips that offer “Professional Effects”?

Luckily, you always have the New York Post to rely on. Below, we’ve outlined four different types of whitening strips from Crest, all available (for sale) on Amazon.

Read on, research, and smile: we’ve got you covered.


The cheapest whitening offer on Amazon comes courtesy of Crest, offering its White Brilliance 2-Step kit for under $12. Unlike Crest’s other offerings, its 2-step kit doesn’t include whitening strips. Instead, the kit comes with a tube of Deep Cleansing Toothpaste and a Whitening Finisher for results in four weeks. As the saying goes: you can’t put a price on a smile.

Crest Vivid Plus White Strips

The Vivid Plus White Strips are the cheapest available from Crest on Amazon, coming in at under $24 with this deal. Fittingly, the $24 pack comes with 24 strips, equivalent to 10 whitening treatments. Crest promises results in just seven days with daily, hour-long whitening sessions. Fast, easy, and comfortable. More than we can say for the dentist.

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Crest White Strips for Sensitive Skin

We’re all a little sensitive. But for those whose teeth are a little more so than most, there are Crest 3D White Strips for Sensitive Teeth. At 25% off, for only $30, this kit comes with 28 whitening strips, enough for two weeks of whitening treatment. Crest recommends you apply these strips to tender teeth for just 30 minutes per day for a gentle whitening experience. Soft and steady wins the race, isn’t that what they say?

Crest White Strips Professional Effects Plus

Score the most significant savings on whitening with Crest’s Professional Effects Plus 3D White Strips, the brand’s strongest on the market. Crest promises a whiter smile in just three days of using their Professional Effects Plus brand, with full effects visible on day 20 of use. At 30% off, we’d have to crown Professional Effects Plus the best deal in white strips, and the most effective.

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