August 15, 2022

Cast your attention here, as you won’t want to miss this sizzling hot new product launch from Our Place.

Announced today, the makers of the Always Pan have now introduced the cast iron version, expanding their offerings two-fold.

The cast iron Always Pan ($155) is just like its older brother in that it replaces eight kitchen tools, can be used on any stovetop and comes in aesthetically pleasing colors you’ll want to leave out to display.

However, the cast iron version is unique in that it can go into the oven safely, letting you get that perfect broil, sear and bake at a high heat that the Always Pan couldn’t handle. This means it is time to break out the steaks for the perfect sear and the burgers for your next summer cookout. Since it is also oven-safe, you can then follow that up with a dessert baked in the oven, like a cookie skillet or Dutch baby.

Our Place

The pan is made with premium black matte enameled cast iron on the inside, which is also enamel-coated so you can get cooking right away, no oil or salt scrubbing needed. This coating is non-stick, like the original Always Pan, making for easy egg frying and sautéing without a fuss.

It also comes with a clear lid, so you can see what’s cooking at all times. In addition, the cast iron Always Pan comes with Hot Grips for the handles so you don’t burn yourself at higher temps.

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Upon launch, the cast iron Always Pan will be available in some of the most coveted, classic colors, including Spice, Steam, Char, Sage, Blue Salt and Lavender, many of which match the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot, well, perfectly.

Like always, this launch will be a hot one, so we recommend acting fast to get this in your shopping cart and into your kitchen ASAP, using the button below.

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