August 10, 2022

Oprah is her OWN woman and her legacy is undeniable.

Her influence is felt in nearly every part of the world as she shines her light like a beacon. In many regards, she is one of the greatest voices— if not the greatest voice — in pop culture in the modern day. Having risen to fame and national attention decades ago, she has touched nearly all areas of the entertainment industry with her magazine, talk shows, films and more.

With some of the most popular celebrities, royals and political figures open to baring their soul to her, she has revolutionized media in order to bring emotion, spirituality, self-empowerment and new ideas to the masses.

While immense wealth and success seem to follow her, she has also chosen to rally behind political and social change as a testament to how she believes she can use her power. So was Oprah, 68, born with lucky stars that laid the path before her feet or was she someone who created her destiny from nothing without any cosmic aid? Let’s take a peek behind the veil, because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

Oprah’s birth chart reveals a deeper understanding of the media mogul.
Frederick M. Brown

Oprah’s birth chart shows that the cosmos blessed her — but she was the one who seized the day

Oprah Winfrey was born on Jan. 29, 1954. This makes her a visionary Aquarius sun with an expansive Sagittarius moon. While her birth time is listed online, it hasn’t been verified by me directly, so until she — or her team — reaches out, let’s focus instead on what we know is 100% accurate. Let’s first dissect her elemental energy.

There’s a strong emphasis on air placements, then followed by fire and water. This shows that ultimately, she’s a highly passionate and inspiring communicator (duh), but that she can easily channel emotion and feeling into her messages (also, duh — but I’m just giving you the backstory).

Now let’s analyze a few different things in her chart. First, let’s illuminate her personality. One of the strongest features of her astrological aspects is that her sun is in the exact same place as her Venus. This brings her a charming and cheerful persona, but also makes her beautiful inside and out. She’s deeply invested in the arts and her relationships and can connect with people in a soft, yet empowering, way.

Her Venus is in a sharp link with Saturn, though, which shows that she is deeply sensitive, but because of situations that happened as a child, she has sensed a need for boundaries and detachment when it comes to her heart in order to protect herself. Her sun links gorgeously with her moon, representing that she’s innately very balanced and confident, while her moon smiles upon Venus, making her especially popular.

Lastly, I love that her sun and Venus dance with Jupiter, making her generous and quite lucky, as well as allowing luxury, fortune and beauty to follow her everywhere that she goes.

Oprah astrology birth chart
Oprah’s astrology reveals that she was forged through fire.
Ben Rose

Next up, the most significant theme within her natal chart is around communication — which is also, again, not shocking. Her Mercury dances significantly with Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Pluto! Her intelligence, wisdom and heart are able to radiate from her, allowing people to see her as a teacher, leader and prophet. She enchants, enlightens and inspires. She knows this is her power — which is why she uses it extremely poignantly.

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The last major theme to focus upon is also immensely prominent in her public image: her ambition. Yet, this is the thing that is almost more illuminating about her chart, overall. You see, many times when I analyze celebrities’ birth charts, I find that certain people just got lucky breaks, had a natural sense of charisma, talent or magic working in their favor or they had a more auspicious path laid before them. Did Oprah? No. That’s not the case. In fact, she had to fight her way to get to where she is. She had to put everything — sacrifice everything — and go to the deepest levels of pain in order to find that strength to become who she is now.

With her sun under siege from Saturn, she was blocked by a significant lack of love and support in her life, but this caused her to find her perseverance. Her Mars clashes with Pluto, showing that she was repressed, which initially made her insecure until she found her ability to transform pain into power. However, the things that she used to power through weren’t selfishness, revenge or greed.

With her Neptune linked to Pluto, we see that she has found ways to tap into spirituality on a heightened level and connect with the collective’s unconscious. Last, her Mars links to Uranus, giving her the courage to champion for herself and others while being a pioneering free spirit. I’m literally crying as I analyze and write this.

Is Oprah astrologically compatible with Stedman Graham and Gayle King?

Stedman Graham Oprah Winfrey astrology compatibility
Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have a long-lasting relationship that is especially unique in astrological compatibility.
Kevin Mazur

Now let’s dive into her rapport within two of her most enduring relationships.

For decades now, people have speculated about Oprah’s personal life — and she was even engaged to Stedman Graham, 71, at one point in time. Graham was born on March 6, 1951. This makes him an imaginative Pisces sun and moon. When I overlay their charts, it’s interesting because when Oprah stated that getting married would’ve ultimately ended their relationship because of differences in lifestyle and around traditions, their charts speak that tome in volumes.

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There’s very little career support or possibility of building a happy, traditional family between them. But that ultimately doesn’t matter, because there is so much longevity, respect and communication between them that reveals that these are their true greatest strengths. They light up each other’s lives, bringing wisdom and enjoyment to one another. There is a strong spiritual and mental rapport between them, almost telepathic with a sense of true empathy and sharing. They also help one another transform themselves and their lives, almost like they are alchemists who specialize in different methods but are always teaching one another new tricks.

There’s a sense of exploring culture, art and creativity, too. Boundaries were — and are— important to both of them because they ultimately respect and allow the other space to grow, while bringing each other in more closely when those moments are asked for. I genuinely love that for them so much.

Gayle King Oprah Winfrey soulmate astrology
Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey have a soulmate bond, as can be seen from their natal charts.
Tom Cooper

Then there’s her best friendship with Gayle King, 67. King was born on Dec. 28, 1954. This makes her a hardworking Capricorn sun with an intellectual Aquarius moon. When Oprah previously has said this is a lifelong connection — it sure is. There’s just so much strength, longevity and stability ingrained in this rapport. They easily understand one another’s core purpose, with Oprah often taking the lead and being the driving force in the connection — and they respect one another.

There is also so much adventure, passion and excitement between them as they literally enliven one another’s lives. There’s also a significant factor about how they spiritually empower one another, too, which reveals their depth of purpose in this lifetime and how to do that for the human collective. Last to mention is that Oprah’s sun and Venus are in a strong conjunction with King’s moon. This is one of the most powerful indicators in astrology of a soulmate bond! Yet again, it shows that Oprah is often the stronger one of the two, leading the way, but there is unconditional sharing between them, as well as strong emotional bonding and a true sense of equality and fairness. Wow.

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Oprah Winfrey natal chart
Many bright horizons lie before Oprah Winfrey, as seen from her natal chart.
Christopher Polk

What are predictions for Oprah?

When you have the influence of a goddess, what is there to really worry about, right? Luckily, Oprah has shining stars to give her extra good vibes.

In 2022 and the years to come, there will be even more expansive opportunities around her communication projects, ideas and vision. These are long-term transits, so she’s pretty set. On a more creative note, she is experiencing powerful eclipses around artistic breakthroughs and hitting even more aspirational milestones. Oh and her fame? Yeah, that’s just gonna keep going through the roof. I do think there have been factors encouraging her to get into politics, and that still remains to be seen, but I do think she’d favor very well. However, working in the media as one of the most powerful voices in the world already gives her a hold on influence that spans political, social, economic and international relations. Stepping into a specifically political role at this time would simply just be a title to add to her laurels.

It’s funny because writing this article has made me especially emotional because she truly is a work of art and a testament to what makes humanity so beautiful. I think if there’s anyone on Earth I’d love to sit down with someday and have a chat while watching the sunset, I think it’d be her. She is not the Queen of All Media. She is the Goddess of All Media. We are very lucky to be alive and witness her right now.  You heard it here first.

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured in “Access Hollywood,” E! Entertainment, NBC & ABC television, Cosmopolitan magazine, Hulu, Bustle, Elite Daily, Marie Claire and more. He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers. His work harnesses the power of the stars in regards to entertainment lifestyle and trends affecting people worldwide. Visit for more information.