August 17, 2022

Puzzle lovers, you are in luck! Imagine all the fun of putting together a 500-piece puzzle with the added delight of potentially winning two million dollars! Yep, MSCHF, the makers of the One Million Dollar Puzzle, are back with a puzzle that’s double the fun and potential reward — The Two Million Dollar Puzzle. And NYP readers are getting first dibs on purchasing this puzzle, which guarantees everyone’s a winner and takes home between $1 and $2,000,000 upon completion, before it’s released to the public on May 16th. Snag it in advance and try your luck now for just $30, or get two shots for $60 with the two-pack.

MSCHF, the people behind the One Million Dollar Puzzle who have worked with major brands like Nike and Tiffany & Co., are letting NYP readers in on the next big thing: The Two Million Dollar Puzzle. For just $30 you’re automatically entered to win the grand prize of two million and guaranteed to take home at least $1… so it’s a potentially lucrative investment in fun.

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This 500-piece puzzle makes sure everyone is a winner. Have a blast putting it together, admire your handywork and then scan your completed puzzle! Yep, once you’re done you’ll see a big QR code that will let you know exactly how much you’ve won. Open your camera on your phone or tablet and point it steadily at that QR code for two to three seconds, then find out how much you’ve won!

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Will it be $1? Maybe $10? Maybe $2,000,000? You won’t know until you try! And you get to put it together ahead of everyone else because you’re a brilliant NYP reader. Once you learn about your winnings, you’ll receive a digital check to the email address where you ordered the puzzle from.

NYP readers get to snag The Two Million Dollar Puzzle before anyone else. Get one today for just $30, or if you’re feeling really lucky get the two-pack for $60.

Prices subject to change.