December 9, 2022

A Michigan physician is purring with pride after two of his cats broke Guinness World Records.

Dr. William Powers’ Savannah Fenrir Antares is now the world’s tallest house cat and his Maine Coon Altair Cygnus broke the record for having the longest domestic cat tail on earth.

“He is a monster,” Powers told WDIV of 2-year-old Fenrir, who measures 18.83 inches tall.

“He’s a really good boy. You can hold him like a baby.”

Altair snagged the honor with a tail that measures a whopping 16.07 inches.

Both Fenrir and Altair have record-breaking in their genes: They are brothers of the late Arcturus Aldebaran and Cygnus Regulus, the previous Guinness honorees for tallest domestic cat and longest house cat tail.

Fenrir is officially the world’s tallest living domestic cat.
Guinness World Records
Altair has the world's longest house cat tail. He is shown posing in a windowsill.
Altair has the world’s longest house cat tail.
Instagram / @starcats_detroit

Powers, who raised all four cats, said he’s a proud “crazy cat dad.”

“For someone so obsessed with their cats to have not one, not two, but four Guinness World Records title-holding animals in one lifetime is a bit surreal,” he told the Guinness website.

Arcturus and Cygnus died in a house fire in 2017 and Fenrir and Altair were born after their brothers’ deaths.

Fenrir and Altair are popular guests at Powers' medical practice.
Fenrir and Altair are popular guests at Powers’ medical practice.
Guinness World Records

The cat dad said raising the new brothers helped him heal after the tragic loss.

“They’ve made me get well. I guess they gave me a reason to climb out of that hole,” he told USA Today.

The cats also provide comfort to patients at Powers’ family medicine practice, where Fenrir in particular is a favorite.

“He wanders around the office receiving pets from people, snoozing on exam room tables, and begging for treats,” he told Guinness.

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Considering his record-breaking size, sometimes people mistake Fenrir for a puma or an ocelot.

“This can actually scare people, and they back away from him in fear, but once I explain that he’s a therapy cat and very friendly, people are thrilled to walk up to him,” he said.

Dr. William Powers poses with Fenrir and his Guinness World Record certificate.
Dr. William Powers poses with Fenrir and his Guinness World Record certificate.
Guinness World Records

Powers documents both Fenrir and Altair’s antics through the Instagram account @starcats_detroit, where he recently celebrated the cats’ records.

In a post shared on Saturday, Powers praised Fenrir as a “gentle giant who loves people.”

A few days later, he joked in a caption that Altair was “still adjusting” to his newfound fame.

Altair is a luscious Maine Coon cat.
Altair is a luscious Maine Coon cat.
Instagram / @starcats_detroit
Powers calls himself a "crazy cat dad."
Powers calls himself a “crazy cat dad.”
Guinness World Records

A former cat shelter president, Powers said he’s open to using Fenrir and Altair’s spotlight to raise money for animals in need.

“I look forward to all the good that Fenrir and Altair can do with their records,” he told WDIV.

“Any local Detroit shelter that would like to borrow [them] to do any sort of fundraiser event, like basically take a picture for $5 with the Guinness Book of World Record cat, and it goes to the shelter to raise funds for Detroit cats, I’m down.”