August 17, 2022

Francisco Lindor displayed a welt on his left thigh but doubted the pitch that caused it was intentional. 

Even so, Christopher Sanchez’s pitch that drilled Lindor in the eighth inning Sunday night led to tensions between the Mets and Phillies that heightened in the ninth when Yoan Lopez threw inside to Kyle Schwarber before plunking Alex Bohm with a changeup. 

Francisco Lindor is drilled by a pitch in the 8th inning.

Emotions remained in check with both teams staying in the dugout on a night the Mets rolled to a 10-6 victory at Citi Field. 

“I’m glad nobody got hurt,” Lindor said. 

Benches between the Mets and Cardinals emptied last Wednesday in St. Louis after Lopez threw high-and-tight to Nolan Arenado after J.D. Davis got drilled in the foot. Pushing and shoving ensued — with Pete Alonso sacked from behind by Cardinals first-base coach Stubby Clapp — that led to suspensions for Arenado and Genesis Cabrera. MLB fined Lopez. 

The Mets have been hit by 20 pitches this season, which leads MLB. On Friday, Mets players met with MLB officials to voice their concern about the plunkings, which have included Alonso (twice) and Lindor getting hit above the neck. 

“I don’t think their guy was trying to hit Lindor and I think we were just trying to find a way to pitch [Schwarber] — he’s hit everything we have thrown up there,” manager Buck Showalter said.

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