August 11, 2022

Planning on making your backyard the go-to spot for outdoor get-togethers as the weather warms up? Then you’re going to need to serve some good wine! If you want to elevate the act of drinking wine for you and your guests, the WAKE UP WINE Pro S upgrades not only the taste of your wine but your overall drinking experience. And right now, this innovative electronic decanter for wine lovers is on sale for 43% off or $169.99 for a limited time.

Waiting an extra second to sip your favorite vino can sound like a waste of time. Still, even wine professionals like sommeliers agree that you should decant your wine before enjoying it. This process is complex and can take hours to complete, but the WAKE UP WINE Pro S cuts the wait down to mere minutes and makes your wine taste two to five times better.

Curious how it works? This 750ml decanter has a glass stopper that provides an airtight fit and a super-fine sediment strainer that filters out any impurities as fine as a millimeter. The Pro S features four, six and eight-ounce measuring marks and has a touch control panel that lets you set or adjust decanting time with just the push of a button.

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Aside from providing you with better-tasting wine, this decanter also includes a Bluetooth 3D speaker that plays high-quality, omnidirectional sound to enhance the ambiance. And a tricolor changing light ring even syncs with your music to provide a complete audio-visual experience.

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Take it from real-life wine professional Jörn Kleinhans; this certified Sommelier and wine judge raved about the WAKE UP WINE Pro S, noting, “This device does more. You’re waking up the wine but you’re also intensifying the desirable flavors and enjoying it the way the winemaker intended.”

Give your party guests an elevated wine drinking experience with the WAKE UP WINE Pro S: Electronic Decanter, on sale now for $169.99.

Prices subject to change.