August 11, 2022

Since wine pours in restaurants are shrinking, there’s no better time to master the art of drinking wine at home. The Wake Up Wine Pro S Electronic Decanter is the perfect addition to any winos kitchen, making wine taste two to five times better in mere minutes. And right now, you can score this game-changing wine must-have for just $169.99.

Wine lovers all agree, decanting wine is the way to go. Unfortunately, traditional decanters are tricky and can take hours. So what happens if you want to drink the wine sooner, but still want to take advantage of its best aromas and flavors? There’s where the Wake Up Wine Pro S comes in. This electric decanter only takes minutes to, well, wake up your favorite wines!

Aside from making your old faves taste better, Wake Up Wine is a great way to shave some bucks off your wine budget. Happy user, Erika, noted that it “can actually make an almost undrinkable wine taste really good!” The wine lover, who gave this tool five stars, shared, “I opened a relatively inexpensive bottle of wine (I think it was between $5- $10 that I almost poured out but figured I’d try it in this and the result was incredible!”

This 750ml decanter has a glass stopper for an airtight fit and a super-fine sediment strainer to filter out impurities and sediments as fine as a millimeter. A touch control panel couldn’t be easier to use — just set or adjust decanting time with the push of a button and then sit back and relax while your wine gets two to five times tastier.

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Aside from providing fabulous wine, the Wake Up Wine also includes Bluetooth 3D speakers that play high-quality, 360° omni-directional sound to set the tone for a night of fun. The built-in battery gives you up to eight hours of continuous use on one single charge.

Certified Sommelier and Wine Judge Jörn Kleinhans raved, “This device does more. You’re waking up the wine but you’re also intensifying the desirable flavors and enjoying it the way the winemaker intended.” And happy customers have given it 4.6 stars on Amazon.

Act fast and enjoy delicious wine all summer long. Get the Wake Up Wine Pro S Electronic Decanter for just $169.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.