August 15, 2022

Kyler Murray is hungry for a new deal, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be altruistic at the same time.

The Cardinals quarterback is auctioning off a Snickers chain he earned from the candy bar brand in the 2020-21 season, valued at $60,000, with the proceeds benefiting frontline healthcare workers.

The chain was made by jeweler Ben Baller, who is famous in hip-hop circles and known as the “jeweler to the stars.” The Snickers ‘S’ has 45 diamonds plus red rubies and blue sapphires and the “Hungry” charm is made of 10k yellow gold with 2,000 more of the aforementioned jewels. It weighs nearly a pound.

Murray earned the bling by capturing the Snickers “Hungriest player of the year” award from his famous 43-yard Hail Mary throw to DeAndre Hopkins to lead the Cardinals to victory over the Bills. One NFL player won the chain each week, and it ultimately went to Murray for keeps at the end of the season.

Kyler Murray is auctioning off his Snickers bling for healthcare workers.
Getty Images

The bidding for the chain, which is being auctioned off at Lelands, starts at $20,000.

No matter how much it goes for, someone will be satisfied with Murray’s Snickers chain.

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