August 17, 2022

Win or lose, James Harden is going to party.

After the Sixers got shellacked by the Nets in Philadelphia — a game in which Harden shot very poorly — the new 76ers guard was spotted out partying with rappers Travis Scott and Lil Baby.

Harden, who forced a trade from the Nets to the Sixers before the NBA trade deadline, shot 3-17 from the field as the Sixers lost to his former team by nearly 30 points.

Harden has been friends with both rappers for some time. He went to Paris Fashion Week with Lil Baby last summer, and there was an incident where they were frisked by cops and Lil Baby was detained.

Harden has also been close with Scott for a number of years. Scott hails from Houston, where Harden starred for more than eight seasons.

“Over these last few years, we’ve grown a friendship, a friendship that’s grown pretty tight,” Harden told Billboard in 2019. “We talk very, very often. We give each other confidence. We talk about how we can be better in our own class. It’s really grown to be a real brotherhood and a friendship. It’s pretty dope.”

James Harden partied with rappers Travis Scott and Lil Baby after the Sixers got demolished by the Nets Thursday night.
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Rappers Lil Baby and Travis Scott attend a game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers
Rappers Lil Baby and Travis Scott hit the town with James Harden after the 76ers-Nets game on Thursday.
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Last year, Harden gifted Scott a lavish custom Jeep, and also appeared in one of the rapper’s music videos.

Ben Simmons (who took in the game from the bench in a $1,370 Louis Vuitton sweater), Seth Curry and Andre Drummond, all part of the Sixers’ trade package for Harden, seemed to relish in the demolition of their former team.

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