August 15, 2022

No one asked for COVID-19 to make a Coachella appearance.

An influencer revealed that her outfit for the weekend festival was roasted for looking like a virus antigen in a now-viral video.

“When you thought your Coachella outfit was cute but everyone thinks you look like a COVID antigen,” Kate Bartlett, a TikTok influencer and student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, wrote in a caption for a video, which has been viewed over 3.1 million times.

Bartlett posted several of her Coachella outfits to social media, but the white two-piece set with exaggerated red details created by designer MELKE raised eyebrows on Instagram.

“The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell,” she wrote to her Instagram followers.

It wasn’t until later when her 1.2 TikTok followers pointed out that the pants and crop top combo looked like a COVID molecule.

“I STILL THINK IT’S FUN OKAY,” she wrote on TikTok.

Kate Bartlett found the COVID similarities funny.

“At least u were on trend… with covid,” one person joked.

“it’s cuz the vibes are contagious,” another said.

Other users saw different similarities in the outfit.

Kate Bartlett
Kate Bartlett’s outfit sparked conversation online.

“car wash core,” a user commented.

“i was thinking more in n out vibes,” another chimed in.

“It’s giving sea anemone,” one said.

Kate Bartlett
Kate Bartlett posted about the outfit to her 1.2 million TikTok followers.

Many agreed that this outfit was “unfortunate.”

“If you showed this to your friends before Coachella and they said it’s cute, they’re not real friends,” a person said.

The music festival has become just as much about fashion as it is about music.

Kate Bartlett
Kate Bartlett also wore outfits from online retailer Revolve.

Of course, Barlett wore other outfits that didn’t resemble COVID to the rest of the festival, including a blue glittery dress from Revolve and a cutout dress from H&M, which invited her to stay at the Hennes Hotel for the weekend.

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Coachella returned this year after not occurring since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd, who replaced Kanye West after he dropped out, are the headliners for the festival, which just wrapped up its first weekend. The second weekend takes place April 22 to 24.