October 7, 2022

A woman joked that she’s actually a “shape-shifter” because she looks extremely different when wearing make-up.

Estonian model Desiree shared a video on TikTok with a series of pictures of herself modeling, followed by a clip of her hiding under a blanket.

She captioned the video, “What my boyfriend thought he would get vs. what he actually got.”

“I really am a shape-shifter,” she added in the video, which gained 94,800 views as of Tuesday afternoon.

The model, who has 29,600 followers on TikTok, said her boyfriend thought he was dating the made-up version of her, but he got a more relaxed version of her.

Desiree showed off pictures of herself with a full face of makeup — highlights, contour and all — posed in flattering outfits. One photo featured her hair sleek and long while the other had her hair in loose waves.

In the final part of the TikTok, the influencer is seen tucked into a duvet cover with nothing visible but her make-up-free face, which looks drastically different. 

Despite the stark contrast, TikTok users took to the comments section to compliment Desiree.

“You are very beautiful,” one user wrote.

“You have such beautiful long hair, I really like it,” another said.

While Desiree acknowledges her “shape-shifting” abilities, many people on TikTok are quick to call out some extreme transformations as “catfishing.”

One TikToker shared her make-up transformation, prompting people to comment that “this is why I have trust issues.” Another woman shared that people she knows don’t recognize her with make-up on.

One make-up guru even earned the title of “TikTok’s biggest catfish.”

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