August 17, 2022

The husband of Brooklyn’s Democratic Party boss and a top ally of Mayor Adams has abruptly resigned from his newly appointed City Hall gig after officials learned his hiring violated government rules.

During an unrelated press conference Saturday, Adams waxed poetically about him and his staff being “perfectly imperfect” while discussing his controversial decision to briefly employ Edu Hermelyn, husband of Brooklyn Democratic Party leader and state Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte, as a senior advisor for strategic initiatives at the Department of Social Services.

As a Democratic district leader representing Crown Heights, which is an unpaid elected office, Hermelyn cannot hold a city managerial post, Adams said.

“Once that was identified, we rectified,” Adams boasted. “When things are brought to me, you know me, I get stuff done. No reason to act like, ‘Let’s see if we can cover something up.’ No. It was wrong.”

Mayor Eric Adams waxed poetically about himself and his staff being “perfectly imperfect” at a press conference Saturday.
Robert Miller

The error was made by HR staffers, the mayor said. Hermelyn resigned Friday after reporters from The City questioned how he was hired in the first place.

When asked by The Post about his hiring two weeks ago, city officials refused to disclose Hermelyn’s salary or to provide any specifics in response to questions about what qualified a Kings County district leader to be a senior advisor in social services.

Before notching the job, The Post revealed that Hermelyn spent much of 2020 in an $80,000 job with few responsibilities on Adams’ successful campaign for mayor.

Edu Hermelyn
As a Democratic district leader representing Crown Heights, Edu Hermelyn cannot hold a city managerial post.
Edu Hermelyn/Facebook

When asked Saturday why the rule-breaking wasn’t spotted sooner, Adams bluntly said, “I must have said this a thousand times: ‘I’m perfectly imperfect, and if I’m perfectly imperfect, my team is going to be perfectly imperfect because we are in a perfectly imperfect city.

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“So we are going to make mistakes, and when we mistakes, we correct the mistakes. Trust me, it’s not the last mistake we are going to make. This is life.”