December 9, 2022

According to Trading Economics, the annual inflation rate is slowly dropping, but at a whopping 8.3 percent, many of us are still wondering about the future of our finances. Historically, the most effective way to protect your savings against time is to invest it. However, when it comes to where to place your money exactly, most of us turn to experts for guidance — after all, it is an incredibly complex and confusing economy. 

Financial advisors are usually considered only for the most wealthy of investors, and in recent years robo advisors have made investing more accessible to the masses. While automation offers a number of advantages, so does a human touch. So, why choose between one and the other? You don’t have to with Titan, an investment platform that offers personalized investment recommendations, active account management from a dedicated team of advisors, and access to third party funds in real estate, private credit, and venture capital from iconic investment firms. 

When you sign up for an account with Titan, you will get a concrete understanding of how it can help you from a simple, three-minute questionnaire. First, you’ll feed the system important information regarding your primary investment goal — with options like saving for retirement, buying a home, paying off debt, etc. — and when you hope to reach your goal. Then after a quick identity verification, you can start investing! 

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Titan can set you up with an investing account or a retirement account that’s tax-advantaged to help you manage 401Ks, Roth IRAs, or self-directed IRAs. Titan’s team can also give you access to alternative funds pioneered by the industry’s most notable investment firms. This means you can begin to put money into stocks, venture, private credit, real estate, and crypto, among other verticals. 

On Titan, you can find products and opportunities offered by third-party fund families and investment companies. Titan is also the exclusive home of Cathie Wood’s ARK venture fund, one of the first venture capital funds accessible to non-accredited investors. Across Titan’s many investment opportunities, you can also get connected to iconic firms and funds. For example, with Private Credit — an alternative asset class mostly made up of negotiated loans — Titan can connect you with Carlyle Private Credit Fund, which leverages its global platform to help with direct lending, liquid credit, structured credit, real assets credit, and opportunistic credit. Titan also offers real estate advice to help advisors achieve consistent cash flow with low correlation to equities through the market’s inevitable ups and downs. 

The nuance and depth of Titan’s offerings are particularly attractive because they’re generally reserved for deep-pocket investors, though you only need $100 to begin investing with Titan. That achievable bar opens up the world of robo-advisor and human-advisor hybrids to everyday and first-time investors, possibly like yourself. 

Titan is proving itself amongst its users and critics at an impressive rate. It’s rated a strong 4/5 stars on NerdWallet and, and it has a perfect 5/5 stars on GlassDoor. 

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Sign up for Titan and begin investing today.