August 15, 2022

It’s swim trunks season, which also means… manscaping season. If you have unsightly hair in places that typically require assistance in removal and a trip to the salon, you’re going to want to listen up to this next deal. The BAKBLADE 2.0 Plus DIY Back Hair Removal & Body Shaver helps you work on hard-to-reach places like your back — no assistant needed! — and right now, this top-rated hair removal solution is on sale during the Memorial Day Sale for just $25.99 through May 31st. Act fast!

The Bakblade 2.0 is ready to give you the cleanest, closest and safest shave on the market… either wet or dry. Though it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. You can really ditch the hair in the shower or quickly with a dry shave thanks to their unique blade cartridges and patented DRYglide blades that don’t even need shaving cream or water to work.

No more hopping in the shower for a shave when you’re running low on time — just grab the Bakblade 2.0, run it over the areas you want smooth and get going. And though this is great for most of your body parts, it’s even better for your back. This grooming tool lets you get that area all by yourself, thanks to its convenient and easy to use shape… no expensive wax appointment or embarrassing shaving assistance needed.

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With 4.4 stars on Amazon and over 30,000 reviews, it’s clear that the people are loving this shaving solution for their back and beyond. Happy customer Ricardo raved, “This shaver has turned my back shaving into a blissful experience. It is done in a fraction of the time.” User Fredith shared, “So easy to use and does a great job. I love it. The curved handle is perfect.” And Scott noted it’s even better than waxing, writing, “Traditional waxing always has left my back a bit red afterwards due to irritation of pulling out the hair. My back wasn’t red at all after using the Bakblade.”

Take advantage of this Memorial Day Sale and stay hairless all summer long with the BAKBLADE 2.0 Plus DIY Back Hair Removal & Body Shaver. Grab it for $25.99 for a very limited time!

Prices subject to change.