August 10, 2022

Enter one of the most exciting deals we’ve seen in quite a bit — three months of Hulu for just $1 each.

That’s right, it’s National Streaming Day, and we can’t wait to watch all of our favorites, from “How I Met Your Mother” to the latest season of “The Bachelorette.”

For this week only, Hulu is offering its basic, ad-supported plan (we repeat: for just $1 a month!) when you sign up before May 27.

Whether you’re about to whip out some of the best streaming devices or follow our expert-backed TV guide to pick out a new flat screen for your living room, this streaming deal will make your show-watching that much better.

Are you sold yet for this less-than-$5, all-in bundle? Normally, the popular streaming platform is $7 a month, which is roughly $21 for a three-month period. With $18 in your pocket, you can go off and buy about four grande-sized Starbucks drinks (how great is that)?

Hulu Streaming, $1 per month for three months


Why Hulu? For one, there’s an engaging catalog of shows and streamable content, from Hulu Originals and documentaries to action-packed movies and your favorite reality TV binges.

What’s more, Hulu provides access to local channels, too, with its base package including Disney+ and ESPN.

So, we’re ready to clink our glasses and raise a toast to National Streaming Day (with our new subscriptions to Hulu in the background, of course). Please note all subscribers will be charged the full monthly subscription price of $7 a month once the three-month promotion has ended.

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