August 11, 2022

When it comes to couples who are looking to the stars and dreaming big, there’s no celebrity pair that is quite as cosmic as the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, and his on again/off again, “fluid” partner Grimes.

While the pair dated officially for three years beginning in April 2018, they’ve been apparently back and forth since September 2021 — after publicly breaking it off. Fantasizing about colonizing other planets across space and time — as well as joking about creating a lesbian space commune on one of Jupiter’s moons — the two have begun to spread their seed with son X Æ A-12 (a k a “X”) and daughter Exa Dark Sideræl.

Musk, 50, who has seven children and a handful of exes, is a man on a mission to take humanity to the next stage in civilization, whereas Grimes, 33, is already set to evolve to post-human alien status — as she dives into a new relationship already! So why does this original duo have such a back-and-forth connection, and is it written in the stars? Will they build a legion of children in order to colonize the solar system, mate with aliens or just end up endlessly rebounding? Take a deep dive into their love story with me, because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

Elon Musk and Grimes have a profoundly transformative relationship.
Jason Kempin

Grimes’ birth chart shows that she loves being a defiant radical

First off, let’s dive into alien queen Grimes’ natal chart. If you’re curious about all of the complexities of Musk, you can find out everything you ever need to know about his astrology and birth chart.

Grimes was born on March 17, 1988. This makes her an imaginative Pisces sun with a fiery Aries moon. Her birth time hasn’t been confirmed by me directly at this time (Hey girl, get at me!), so we will instead focus on what we do know. Right off the bat, we can see that this is a woman who is heavily dominated by earth elemental energy, followed by water. She’s deeply focused on creating long-lasting results and is inherently very strong-willed and stubborn. This works to her advantage in getting what she wants, but also shows that when she sets her mind upon something, she’s all in.

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She has an immensely strong drive for success as her Jupiter and Saturn dance sweetly in an exact degree. Her Jupiter also syncs with Uranus, bringing her high ideals and an immense desire to be original and not be caged. This is even further emphasized in her astrology profile because Saturn, the planet of restrictions, is in an exact conjunction with Uranus, the planet of revolution. Conforming — to her — is as painful as death. She has a knee-jerk reaction to established authority and is drawn to the vision of creating her own structures for herself, her family and society.

This is a clear reason she and Musk click so well — they’re both visionary in how they wish to create a new world and not be bound by previous ideologies or traditions. Then when you add in the fact that her sun, ruling her life force, clashes with Uranus, too, this adds to her unpredictable impulses where she is eager to rebel and express every depth of eccentricity she possesses.

Elon Musk Grimes natal chart
Elon Musk and Grimes have a lot of astrological compatibillity.
Theo Wargo

Is Elon Musk astrologically compatible with Grimes?

I’m going to be upfront with you: Yes, I totally see the attraction between Musk and Grimes 100%. My compatibility rating for them is 8.5 out of 10. Their romantic and mental synergy is off the charts. They have so much that aligns between them in financial and domestic affinity, as well as strong indicators that this was always meant to be a lifelong connection.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll actually be romantic partners forever, especially because there are some very intense astrological aspects in their birth charts that signal a lack of support when it comes to the pursuit of their own personal goals and professional lifestyle. Because there’s not as much of a synergy around career support, this ultimately reveals that their separation is out of respect for distance in this regard.

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The connection between these two is certainly expansive, joyous and enlightening in many ways. The romance and sensuality are there — with strong levels of attraction and passion. They share a nearly telepathic connection and high ideals and visions that empower one another. This nearly spiritual rapport has true depth, but at times can lead to immense levels of sacrifice from both of them — especially Grimes.

Elon Musk children astrology
Elon Musk, as a Cancer, does care about being a good father.

Yet this relationship also focuses extensively on how it is karmic in nature and is meant to transform one another. With Grimes’ sun in a powerful clash with Musk’s Pluto, they have and will continue to bring radical change to each other. On one hand, this can be immensely rewarding as they uncover new wisdom about life and themselves, empowering them to soar to new horizons. However, it can also create deeply antagonistic energy between them with great ego wars, as they at times have considered the other overwhelmingly selfish and controlling.

Deception and secrecy are also possible — tempting darker sides of themselves to emerge and be faced. However, the connection between them likely feels overwhelmingly magnetic, which is why they cannot quit one another. Musk can be a bit critical of Grimes, with her Mercury clashing with his Saturn, which ultimately casts her into a high degree of confusion, as seen by her Mercury under siege from his Neptune.

Despite all of this, though, they have so many gorgeous planetary alignments that also reveal that friendship and camaraderie are present beneath it all — and distance can actually help them each to pursue their own goals and plans with healthy boundaries that respect one another but also allow them to remain close. So will they continue this pattern of change, transformation and evolution forever? Certainly. But at least it’ll never be boring. You heard it here first.

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