August 10, 2022

When the big day comes around, there’s always something that goes a little wrong. Maybe it’s a spilled snack or a wrinkle in the dress, your wedding day might be perfect, but it doesn’t always go perfectly. That’s why tools like the iTvanila 7-in-1 Handheld Fabric Steamer Garment Steamer are essential to have in your wedding toolkit. It’s also great if you’re a wedding guest attending a bunch of them this year, too! This portable steamer packs 1200-watts of power into a portable package that your maid of honor can pull out the second a bit of your foundation rubs off on your dress. For a limited time, this portable steamer is on sale for $49.99. No coupon required.  

On your special day, your something new might just be this powerful garment steamer. If you’re at all worried about stains or wrinkles, then this little steamer should be in your wedding bag. Throw a hair dryer into that bag and you could do your hair while you steam your dress. Powerful and gentle, this steamer is 100% safe to use on all kinds of fabrics. Whether you have some wine on wool, a pen touched polyester, or you had some mishap with cotton, silk, velvet, fiber, or other delicate fabrics, the iTvanila 7 is there for you. 

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Handheld steamers are the secret behind so many wrinkle-free wedding dresses. In-fact, having one is one of the only ways to get wrinkles out almost immediately. The iTvanila 7 comes is one of the fastest around. Taking only 15 seconds to preheat, this steamer only needs a little time and 5oz of tap water to get clean. The embedded water tank prevents the steamer from tipping or spilling hot water too, so you don’t need to worry about piling on disasters. 

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That’s one of many reasons reviewers on are raving about this little steamer: “It was purchased for travel and worked out great! Small and compact. I just hung my blouse after unpacking and steamed out the wrinkles. I’m now doing the same at home for quick touch ups but it also took out all the wrinkles in linen pants very quickly.” 

Get rid of wrinkles and blast out clothing blemishes. Get the iTvanila 7-in-1 Handheld Fabric Steamer Garment Steamer, Travel Steamer, 15s Fast Heat-up, 1200W Powerful Portable Fabric Steamer in black or white for $49.99, no coupon required. 

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