August 15, 2022

Super-woke Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez boasts that her new engagement ring is made from “recycled gold” and is “zero emission.”

The just-engaged socialist made the claim on Twitter in response to a follower who warned that “your ring gotta be made of tinfoil otherwise the right’s gonna flip.”

On Thursday AOC confirmed she will marry longtime boyfriend Riley Roberts. Photos of the Bronx-Queens lawmaker wearing the rock swiftly circulated online. Her hand-waving Instagram Live video Thursday evening ignited a flurry of questions — and speculation — from bling watchers.

“It appears to be a nice make. From the pics I’m gonna say it’s a 1.75-2.25 carat solitaire, set in a yellow gold,” said John Buckley, owner of Tuscany Rose Watch and Diamond, who reviewed the ring images at The Post’s request. “It’s a classic yet traditional ring, with a touch of big city panache.

Ocasio-Cortez and Roberts at the 2021 Met Gala.
GC Images

“The price range can vary from $10k (Hunts Point style) to $30k+ (Met Gala and beyond).”

Other experts said AOC’s claim of zero emissions suggests the diamond was created in a lab, and not mined from the earth.

Peter Kahan, of Katz Jewelry in New York’s Diamond District, said a lab gem would be “significantly cheaper” — and would have the added benefit of being politically correct, ensuring it did not originate in a conflict zone.

“If it’s grown in a laboratory … it’s not a blood diamond,” Kahan said.

But he dismissed the claim about recycled gold.

“Recycled gold is a marketing term used to promote the gold. All gold is recycled. No gold is ever wasted,” Kahan said, adding that “new” gold makes up only a tiny share of the market.

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AOC — the daughter of an architect who grew up in Westchester — did not respond to request for comment from The Post.

The couple met while at Boston University.
The couple met while at Boston University.

Riley Roberts met AOC while they were both undergraduates at Boston University. Roberts hailed from a wealthy neighborhood in Arizona and attended the elite Chaparral High School in Scottsdale. He later built websites for small business before signing up for his girlfriend’s long-shot campaign for Congress.